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Remote Desktop Hosting Explained

Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere? Well now you can, as long as you have an internet connection.

What is Desktop Hosting?

Remote Desktop Hosting is a service where we host your PC's virtually. You simply login from wherever you may be, and there is your desktop with all the apps and functionality right there in front of you ready to go as if you were physically sat in front of it.

Why choose Desktop Hosting?

Firstly there is little in the way of outlay, no expensive PC's or servers to buy. No purchasing of operating systems, office suites or associated licensing, it's all taken care of. Utilise your existing computers, tablets and phones to get through to your virtual workstation.

Is it safe and secure?

Absolutely, as long as you use a secure password your data will be safe. We also offer two factor authentication for ultimate security. The systems are constantly replicated to 3 different geological locations here in the UK (which is not privy to the international snooping laws) to provide 99.9% availability 24/7/365. In addition your data files are backed up to provide up to 30 days recall on accidentally deleted information.

Will my programs run?

If it works on your office network, it will work on the hosts. Programs like Sage Accounts, Payroll etc. have all been tested and perform very well. Any windows server/client systems or databases can also be migrated.

How much does it cost?

Starting at £15.00 per PC per month it really is a viable option for companies that don't want to have to layout thousands of pounds worth of new computers and software, only to have to re-invest three years later as technology advances.

With Hosted Desktops, the technology advances in the background so you are always on the latest software. There is no lock in period either - just a monthly rolling subscription which can be cancelled with only 30 days notice.

How do we get started?

Simply contact us on 01482 245245 and we'll get you on the right plan. Typical setup time is 3-5 days so enquire today and you can be up and running very soon.

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