Cloud Computing


With the advent of a lot of IT services moving to cloud, here at Realtec we can offer those services out to your company but with a service and support level the puts you in front of the queue compared to bigger companies. Check out which cloud services we can provide and please call for a quick chat with any questions or concerns you may have.

Cloud EMail

Cloud EMail is becoming very popular due to it's low cost of implementation and resiliance to internet outages not to mention the worry free situation you have of not running your own email server in house. Read all about the cloud email we offer on our messaging systems page

Company File Sharing

Making your files accessable anywhere, our sharepoint service allows you to give flexible access to people who need to work on company files. There are many rich integrated features with MS Office and also file versioning which means document editing can be tracked from user to user. Download our Key features PDF to learn more or simply call us for a chat.

Cloud Backup

We can backup all your company to our cloud based DataSafe Servers over the internet over night so there's no need for tapes and usb hard drives etc, everything is managed remotely by us. For further information go to our Backup page.

Service/Help Desk

We can implement a service/help portal where your customers can raise questions via a ticketing system.  A demo system will be available shortly check back here soon or call us for more info.