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Our Cloud Computing Solutions

Lift your Business into the Cloud

Realtec can move your IT services effortlessly to the cloud. Have your on-site server(s) migrated to our private cloud system and enjoy our level of service and support which puts you in front of the queue compared to bigger companies. Check out which cloud services we can provide and please call for a quick chat with any questions or concerns you may have.

Cloud e-mail and Messaging

MS Office 365 Email is now the industry standard solution for companies that want a reliable, flexible and scaleable platform for their business communications. Moving your e-mail into the Cloud means you get all the advantages of on-site collaboration, whilst reducing the IT overhead of running your own on-site Exchange or Small Business Server. Many types of devices are supported allowing full automatic synchronisation across email, calendars, tasks and contacts. Additionally we provide full support and 7 year data backup within our prices.

File Sharing

Make your files accessible anywhere! Migration to sharepoint allows you to give flexible access to people who need to work on company files from remote locations. There are many rich integrated features with MS Office and also file versioning, which allows document editing to be tracked from user to user and documents to be restored from previous dates.

Cloud Backup

We can backup and archive all your company files and informtion to our private cloud based DataSafe Servers over the internet overnight. No need to remember to copy your files to USB hard drives, as everything is managed remotely. Our online backup utilises DataSafe traffic technologies, which save time and bandwidth, particularly important if you don't have a fibre internet connection. The data is sent securely to prevent eavesdropping,  and sends an e-mail notification stating whether backup was successful or not.

Remote Desktop Hosting

Realtec provides secure and reliable remote desktop hosting services for businesses and individuals. Our private cloud-based technology allows you to easily access your desktops, applications and data from anywhere in the world. Our unique remote desktop hosting solutions ensure that you can always stay connected and that your data is secure and protected from any unauthorized access. We guarentee you will not find a better value for money service anywhere else.

Remote Desktops

Remote Help Service

Realtec have a remote, cloud-based service/help portal where our customers can reach out to us for help and support.  We can securely connect to your computer and assist and with our team of experienced technicians providing remote support to troubleshoot issues as they happen. No matter what your IT needs, our team is here to help.

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