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Disaster Recovery & Resilience

IT Strategy

IT Strategy and Disaster Recovery Planning

Second only to the actual functioning of your IT systems are backups and disaster recovery plans. So many times have we come across companies that 'thought' their data was being backed up 'somewhere' - only to make the stark realisation that it wasn't, when the time came to restore. We can help you create a strategy to improve your IT system resilience and safeguard you against data loss.

Cloud Backup

We can backup and archive all your company files and information to our cloud based DataSafe Servers over the internet overnight. No more need to remember to copy your files to USB hard drives, as everything is managed remotely. Our online backup utilises DataSafe traffic technologies, which save time and bandwidth, particularly important if you don't have a fibre internet connection. The data is sent securely to prevent eavesdropping,  and sends an e-mail notification stating whether backup was successful or not.

Physical Backups

We are committed to helping our clients protect their digital data and can provide various methods for backing up your files locally. We strive to make sure our clients have the latest advances in computer system backup hardware, so that you can easily take your physical backups off-site, or lock them in a fireproof safe.  

Data Security

Making your files accessable anywhere, our cloud-based sharepoint service allows you to give flexible access to people who need to work on company files. There are many rich integrated features with MS Office and also file versioning which allows document editing to be tracked from user to user.

Data Security

Remote Help Service

We can implement a cloud-based service/help portal where your customers can raise questions via a ticketing system.  We ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly and efficiently, with our team of experienced technicians providing remote support to troubleshoot issues as they happen. No matter what your IT needs, our team is here to help.

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