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Do you have a Disaster Plan?

Second only to the actual functioning of your IT systems are backups and disaster recovery plans.

So many times have we come across companies that 'thought' their data was being backed up 'somewhere' only to make the stark realisation that it wasn't when the time came to restore.

What is a disaster plan?

A disaster recovery plan allows you to regain access to your IT infrastructure and restore functionality after events such as a fire, a natural disaster, a cyber attack, or even business disruptions like Covid. Having a plan in place gives your business continuity in the face of a disaster.

What do I need to do?

Consider what hardware and software you need for your business to continue to function day to day and how you might restore access to your services if you're hacked or other disaster strikes.

If the whole IT system is lost due to a theft, fire or other disaster, it's important not only to have a backup of the system but a plan on how to put it back together in a timescale which doesn't impact greatly on your business.

Talk to us.

We can provide and action a disaster recovery plan which will see your core systems backup in very little time. Talk to us today about it - seriously it will be well worth it should it happen to you.

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