Web Hosting


We offer both windows and linux hosting platforms for your website. Get 1 free .co.uk domain name with your hosting (subject to availability of coure).  All hosting provides load balancing and intrusion prevention along with Cisco firewalls. All data is held within UK datacentres, check out what's what below.

Windows Hosting


Get your web presence started by choosing Windows based hosting, capable of running ASP, ASP.NET and Perl scripting. MS Windows 2008 and IIS 7 multi-homed servers gives a very robust platform. Use Microsoft SQL to mount your database and enjoy unlimited space and traffic.

Linux Hosting


Running Apache web server on CentOS Linux gives you PHP,Perl,Python and Ruby scripting capabilities with MySQL for database mounting. Unlimited webspace and traffic too.



With either hosting platform you automatically get 5 email addresses on your domain name.

Web Site Security

We partner with the finest UK website host and they go to great lengths to keep your hosted websites secure from hackers, crashes, hardware failures and physical damage. All servers are located in their own highly secure, IBM-built data centre, which is located in the UK. Access to UK host servers is tightly controlled and limited to essential personnel (if you're not on the list, you don't get in). In normal operation, power is drawn from the power grid but they operate uninterruptible supplies and have on-site generators, in case the external supply fails. Everything is safe behind a secure firewall with multiple layers of protection. There are also regular backups and offsite copies of the data.