Messaging Systems


There are many messaging systems in IT today, some good some not so good, we focus on the industry standard and best in class system of Microsoft Exchange. Having worked on this system for over 18 years we know it inside out. Today there are basically two choices of implementation either on-site with your own server or cloud based. The differences are outlined below.

Hosted Exchange

Why Hosted Exchange?

Work smarter with Hosted Exchange


Control your costs

Moving your Exchange environment into the Cloud means you get all the advantages of on-site collaboration, whilst reducing the IT overhead of running on-site Exchange or Small Business Server.


Reduce installation costs

By switching to Hosted Exchange, you get better control of your costs reducing the need for expensive hardware installations and ongoing maintenance.


Get more for less

It may cost less to move to Hosted Exchange, but by no means do you sacrifice service quality. The Hosted Exchange environment is superresilient, is fully managed, and every email is scanned for viruses and spam before it arrives in your inbox.


Secure and backed-up service

Industry leading cloud-based security and segmentation ensures your data is safe and secure. Data is also backed-up each day on a 30 day retention period.


Award-winning Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

All inbound email is first passed through an award-winning Email Security system, providing you with outstanding protection of your mailboxes – as standard.


Dual hosted

All Hosted Exchange services are dual-hosted. Multilayered systems are located across geographically distributed locations so, in the event of an outage, traffic is switched to a redundant data-centre and services are resumed.


99.9% Availability SLA

Ensuring you get the best service, the Hosted Exchange platform will be available at least 99.9% of the time.


Exceptional Support

We understand how important it is to provide you with support when you need it. You get the back-up of our highly-skilled support team who will help, advise and guide you through the installation and running of your Hosted Exchange services.

On Premise Exchange

Why On Premise Exchange?

Leverage the power of On Premise Exchange



Implementing and owning your own Microsoft Exchange Server requires a reasonable amount of initial investment in terms of hardware software and installation costs. Not usually for smaller companies but larger firms can benefit quite significantly in the long run if implemented and maintained correctly.


Save on Licencing

Licences for Exchange server are one off costs unlike the subscription based hosted exchange. This is where larger firms with 100's of users will benefit in a relatively short amount of time, say tpically a 2-3 year period.



If you prefer or indeed require ultimate control of your mail server then on-premise is the only way to go. With good administration and management you can build MS Exchange into a very powerful collaboration server combining other products like MS Lync to name but one.


Data Security

If you prefer not to trust your data to cloud based services then on-premise exchange is for you. Having your own server means you get to control where your data is stored.


Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

With your own server you get the choice of which filters to apply, there are many very good bolt ons for exchange security.



A good server design and install along with regular maintenence will ensure your mail server will be always available. Clustering and dual or even triple hosting maybe an option if you want to factor in redundancy and disaster recovery.