Working Remotely


With todays technology we are able to offer more solutions to those wanting to break free of the office and work from anywhere. Obviously an internet connection is required but it doesn't need to be a fast one, tethering from a mobile will often suffice. We have various methods of achieving this way of working depending on your current system and working practices. We can also provide VOIP phone systems which enable you to have a work phone extension at home or on your smartphone. See below for more information. Demos are available upon request.


Direct Connection

We can connect your laptop, tablet or home computer directly to your computer at the office thereby working as if you were in the office sat in front of it. This is our easiest and quickest method. Prices start from £14.99+vat per person per month

Remote Desktop Hosting


For those wanting a more permanent way of working remotely we can migrate your entire current office system to a cloud remote desktop enviroment. This often negates the use of your on-premise servers which can then be decomissioned and retired. Prices start from £14.99+vat per person per month.

Office 365


With Microsoft Office 365 you can access your EMail, files and folder from anywhere on just about any device. We can migrate your current content from your existing infrastructure to Office 365 and help you get the most from this ever expanding system. Additionally, you will get the latest versions of Outlook, Word, Excel etc. We also include a 7 year backup of the entire office 365 content including email. Prices start from £19.99+vat per person per month.

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