IT Security


Computer security is of the utmost importance in today's viral and hostile cyberspace, we understand completely that every business and indeed individual needs the best protection they can afford in place. Using only the latest security tools we can safeguard you from the vast majority of threats found out on the web. Enquire now about how we can achieve this for your company and it's operatives.

Network Security


Are you sure your network is currently protected as well as it should be? If you cannot answer that question then likely as not you are vunerable. For a small fee we can assess your situation and provide a detailed report of what is unsecure and where improvements can be made. This applies to firewalls, mail servers, file servers, web sites, routers, users' computers internal and external, basically the whole network. Enquire today to book an appointment with a trained security expert.

Computer Security


How secure are your computers? We deploy only the best in class security products for your computers so you know they are up-to-date and ready to handle the latest threats. We can also offer advice to users on how best to avoid infections and hijacks whilst using their computers on the internet. Call us or send an enquiry today for a quote to upgrade your existing systems.

Company Security


Ok what's to stop someone from R&D or the Accounts Dept copying company data on to their memory stick and walking away with it? Nothing? then you could have a problem. We can install security auditing software that tracks all types of file and email transactions so that at any point you can look back to see if there has been any suspicious activity which may compromise your companies data to third parties. This should be a serious consideration for any company with staff. Enquire today for more information.