Much more than just protection from outside attackers the netGUARDIAN from Realtec is a hybrid hardware and software firewall with many functions such as network perimeter security, remote access and social media sites blocking which is fast becoming a major headache for companies. See below for it's main features.


Get back lost productivity from your staff by using this feature to block social media sites access from works computers and anyone using your wifi. Will also block smartphone app users who are attached to the company wifi. Complete with reporting tool about who tried to go where and at what time this will really put you back in charge of your staff's internet usage. Ideally needs to be used in conjunction with a company misuse of computers declaration which we can provide free of charge.

Complete and comprehensive protection from outside attackers whilst letting users surf safely. Complies to all current PCI compliance requirements.

Allows remote workers secure access to your network resources via VPN