The very thing that connects us all together. From design to installation we can provide you with everything from simple CAT5/6 cable networks to highspeed fibre connections and building to building links of up to 25 miles away. Our throughput testing reveals just how fast they are performing taking any guess work out of the picture.

Structured Cabling
CAT 5 or 6

Installers of structured cabling systems, we can provide everthing required to create a robust and fast network within your building. Data cabinets, network switches, patch panels, we choose only the best gear when putting together your network. All work is tested and certified to current TIA/EIA Standards with documented results if required.

Fibre Connections

Whether it be new installs or existing layouts our installation team can connect your networks together with ultra fast fibre connections to ensure they are communicating at the highest possible speeds.

Building to Building Links
Telephone Wiring

Got two or more building that require linking up? we can network external buildings together up to 25 miles away with fast 5GHz links providing there is a line of sight between the buildings. If there is no line of sight we can install VPN links over the internet connections to achieve the same albeit slightly slower result.

We can install new or extend your existing telephone points in or around your site. All work is tested to current TIA/EIA standards.