Backups and Disaster Recovery


Second only to the actual functioning of your IT systems are backups and disaster recovery plans. So many times have we come across companies that 'thought' their data was being backed up 'somewhere' only to make the stark realisation that is wasn't when the time came to restore. Our various backup options below will make sure you are safeguarded against data loss.

Online Cloud Backup


Our online backup utilises DataSafe traffic technologies which save time and bandwidth when backing up large amounts of data or large files. This is particularly important if you don't have a fibre internet connection. The data is sent securely to prevent eavesdropping. The system is fully managed by us and email notifications are sent stating whether backup was successful or not.

On-Site Backups


If you prefer to keep your backups off the cloud that's not a problem. We can provide various methods of local backups which can be taken offsite or locked in a fireproof safe. Enquire today to find out more about archiving and backups.

Disaster Recovery


If you've ever had a complete disaster where the whole IT system is lost due to a theft, fire or other disaster you will know just how important it is not only to have  a backup of the system but a plan on how to put it back together in a timescale which doesn't impact greatly on your business. We can provide and action such a plan which will see your core systems backup in very little time. Talk to us today about it, seriously it will be well worth it should it happen to you.